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Dragon Age 30 Day Challenge!

For the endlessly bored Dragon Age fan! Snagged from [info]popehippo, rules here.

1. Favorite Dragon Age game (ie: Origins, Awakening, Dragon Age 2)

Dragon Age 2. Obviously. Next?

I suppose I'm supposed to give some justification. I did not have a good impression of Dragon Age when I first played it. In my time prowling the Bioware boards from '05, I'd heard a lot about Dragon Age from its early development. I also heard the tagline "The spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate II". Baldur's Gate II being my favourite game ever... was I excited? Hell yeah!

I was soooooooo let down the first time I played it. Hideous graphics (yeah, so I'm pointing out poor graphics in comparison to a game released in '01... SO WHAT AT LEAST THE ENVIRONMENTS WEREN'T BROWN), poor origin stories that didn't give me a feel for my character, my character being swept along into the detested Grey Wardens and being forced to end a world-ending disaster that I didn't give a shit about. Some of the companions were eh to me (at first), the story not strong enough in comparison to other Bioware games... point is, it didn't wow me at all. It took me months to get further than the recruitments. It took the post-Landsmeet portion of the game to make me think of it as a good, enjoyable game. And I can completely understand why people don't like it -- my like for it a testament to my ability to enjoy games that I otherwise objectively find unremarkable or poor.
I'm not going to even acknowledge Awakening: it's an expansion, it's not at all strong enough to hold a position as favourite, so Dragon Age II it is. Because I loved the game from the minute I loaded it up. Loved it enough to get me ridiculously entrenched in a fandom where I'm very, very critical of the first game. It's, just, yeah. A lot better than Origins (disclaimer: in my opinion). And I will argue this point to the death (disclaimer: and acknowledge that opinions are subjective but SO WHAT you know it to be true).
(As an aside, no one, NO ONE, can convince me that Dragon Age is the spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate 2. The Warden hasn't got anything on the Bhaalspawn, Denerim has got nothing on Athkatla, the Deep Roads have got nothing on the Underdark, and Jon Irenicus and Bodhi laugh in Loghain and the Archdemon's face, etc etc.  Even Baldur's Gate decimates Dragon Age and unceremoniously shits on its corpse.)
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